Work smart

Create clear visualizations of your smart devices and data. You don’t need much time to learn and work with Maplese. The user interface is made for non-technical people. It is attractive and understandable. Developers can easily use our REST API to connect any data to Maplese.
Using Maplese


Maplese is offered as a cloud-based PaaS solution, available 24/7. A full enterprise edition is also available. In addition Maplese components can be hosted distributed, so you can host critical data inside your company. Just tell us how you want to organise.



Security is top priority for Maplese. We are following the latest guidelines for developing a secure product. By enforcing https for all communication with our platform we make them always encrypted and secure. Maplese is an oAuth provider which means that our users can be in control on who has access to their data at any moment.


Continuous development

Our team is always aiming for smarter, sexier, faster, cooler, better to provide the best user experience. We provide a new release every month. Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated. Who knows maybe next month you can see your suggestion in the new release.